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Introducing a new range of jigsaw puzzles... or... Jigsaw [art] Puzzles by Opiqo. A jigsaw puzzle where you choose the puzzle size, the puzzle piece cut shape and the puzzle artwork from either our hand picked artwork library or by uploading your own. It's not only jigsaw puzzles... it's... art. With our Wall Mounting Kit add-on you're able to display your puzzle (artwork) on your wall - with or without a puzzle border (more on this later) and without damaging your walls. Jigsaw [art] Puzzles by Opiqo.. it's... you choose...

Choose Your Cut Style...

Select from four cut styles; Standard, Hatch, Bubble or Octagon.

Choose Your Size...

Medium (M) - Set of 2 (150 x 214mm / 5.9 x 8.4")
• Standard Cut: 117 pcs ea. puzzle | 234 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 132 pcs ea. puzzle | 264 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 133 pcs ea. puzzle | 266 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 133 pcs ea. puzzle | 266 total pcs

Large (L) - Set of 1 (214 x 305mm / 8.4 x 12")
• Standard Cut: 234 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 277 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 277 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 276 total pcs

Extra Large (XL) - Set of 1 (305 x 433mm / 12.0 x 17")
• Standard Cut: 468 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 565 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 561 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 570 total pcs

Note: Puzzles that come in Sets are packaged in the 1 box, with all puzzle pieces mixed together.

Choose Your Artwork or Upload Your Own!  

You can choose from hundreds of artwork options available from our Opiqo Art Library or upload your own photos and art. From masters like Van Gogh or Katsushika Hokusai (look him up, he's pretty awesome), to the Moon Landing or obscure (but beautiful) naturalist illustrations we have something for everyone. You also have the option to upload your own artwork. Create your own puzzles of dogs, cats, family, friends, landscapes, your kid's drawings or any image living in your phone. Turn those memories not only into puzzles but into puzzle art!

Jigsaws Without Borders...

Do you prefer your finished puzzle/artwork to have straight edges or are you the type who likes things to be a little bit more...unique and weird? Would your decision depend on the artwork? Good news! We have you covered in all options. Make the decision whether or not you would like to apply the puzzle border when you have completed your puzzle. When applying the Wall Mounting Kit (optional), the backing sticker can easily be trimmed down to size when applying it to a borderless puzzle. Just follow the clearly printed cut lines. Simple.

Cure Blank Wall Syndrome With A Jigsaw!

Wanting to move beyond the calming but brain-stimulating challenge of your new jigsaws? Instead of packing them up into their beautiful custom made box, have your masterpiece displayed on your wall for all to see with the use of our optional Wall Mounting Kit.

No messy puzzle gluing here. With the removable foam tape you will NOT damage your walls. It’s the same foam tape we use on our extremely awesome repositionable Panel product. 

Optional Wall Mounting Kit includes:

  • Mounting Stickers that can be used for puzzles either with or without straight borders
  • Removable foam tape that will NOT damage your walls
  • Enough Mounting Stickers for all puzzles in the box (set of 2 puzzles = 2 mounting stickers)

For Wall Mounting Instructions Click Here

Please Note: Applying a Mounting Sticker onto a Jigsaw Puzzle is permanent and cannot be removed once applied. Wall Mounting Kit does not include frames.

Jigsaw [art] Puzzles are recommended for persons over 12 years of age.

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